Our Servces

Our Servces
Our Servces

Transbroker -  is a wide range of services and high-quality processing of each application.

Our experts are ready to help you with any issue of customs clearance, preparation of documents necessary for declaring, representing the interests of the client in the customs authority and surety during customs transit, expert assessment and consultation on foreign trade activities, etc.

Brokerage services from Transbroker optimize your customs clearance costs. Each client is offered an optimal algorithm of work. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to achieve cost reduction without violating the requirements of the law.


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    Main Baku Customs Department

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    Head Customs Office in Air Transport

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    Sahil post of Baku Main Customs Department


List of services provided by our company

  • 01Filling the Carnet TIR
  • 02Preliminary calculation of the number of customs duties, fees and taxes
  • 03Information-advisory services in the process of preparing the customs declaration
  • 04Preparation of a brief draft of customs declaration
  • 05Composition of Customs Declaration
  • 06Customs clearance (import, export)
  • 07Conducting a preliminary classification of goods according to the CN of FEA
  • 08Composition of CMR
  • 09Obtaining the necessary certificates from government agencies
  • 10Filling out export documentation
  • 11Payment of customs duties
  • 12Cargo Handling at the Baku Cargo Terminal
  • 13Staying in ТIR Parking
  • 14Obtaining a final opinion from the customs laboratory
  • 15Extension of the temporary import regime
  • 16Release of temporarily imported cargo for free circulation
  • 17Cargo delivery to the customer within the city of Baku
  • 18Escort of cargo within the city of Baku
  • 19Material Handling Services
  • 20Storage of goods in a warehouse